What Do You Get in an Alaskan King Bed?

An Alaskan King Bed is the epitome of spacious beds. It is luxurious and larger than a California King bed. Yes, this bed provides you with all the space you need. The bed measures 9’ x 9’.

For comparison, a regular king bed measures approximately 6’ x 6’. An additional 3 feet of space is offered with this type of bed.

What Can You Expect in an Alaskan King Bed?

When you buy this gorgeous bed, you will get a product that is made in the United States. If you like to have options, this is a great choice. You have the choice from 8” to 15” thickness. The 15” thickness is great for people that love a higher mattress level and firmness.

What makes Alaskan King Beds special is that each bed is handmade to order. This type of bed is not sitting in a warehouse or on a showroom floor, it is made specifically for you. When buying this bed, you can choose from 3 different foam forms.

Luxury Options

There is Gel Memory Foam, Custom Foam, and Natural Latex. Gel memory foam is a type of memory foam that is filled with gel microbeads. The gel microbeads provide you with more breathable foam. This is important because it helps to regulate your body temperature.

If you decide on the custom foam option, you are able to cater the foam to your needs. The natural latex foam is a popular choice. It is popular because it is extremely comfortable. The foam has a great bounce back after pressure is applied. Another great feature of this type of foam is that it contours to your body. If you are a sleeper that constantly moves throughout the night, this type of foam is ideal for you.

Mattress Firmness

Alaskan King Beds scream luxury and you are able to design the bed to fit your specific needs. After you decide on the foam you prefer, next, you can choose the bed firmness. There are mattress consultants that assist with this process.

The firmness of a bed is the level of comfort and the feel of the mattress. Essentially, the firmness is how soft or hard you like the mattress. A consultant will be able to help you choose the correct firmness rating.

In conjunction with firmness, Alaskan King Beds also offer support. The support of a mattress indicates how well the mattress supports your back and the alignment of your spine. This is important for people that may suffer from back pain, or who simply like to be comfortable.

Are Box Springs Needed with Alaskan King Beds?

No. You do not need a box spring with this type of bed. There are no box springs that will adequately fit the size of this type of bed. The bed works great with a custom-made platform, or you can simply put the mattress on the floor.

Mattress Covers, Sheets, & Protectors for Alaskan King Beds

Alaskan King Beds come with a baby-soft organic cotton cover. This is an excellent added feature that further sets this bed apart from others. When you think this bed can’t get any better, there are more customizations.

With a bed, you need sheets. Alaskan King sheets are premium and made with Egyptian cotton. The sheets are 600 thread count and custom made specifically for you. You have the option to select from popular colors.

There are also Alaskan King mattress toppers available. You can have the topper custom crafted to fit your preferred thickness, shape, and dimension.

Simply put, you get luxury with Alaskan King Beds. When choosing this type of bed, you are able to customize the features to fit your needs. This is an excellent investment that you will take part in creating.