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Air Conditioning Failures

Failures in air conditioning are sometimes easy to solve, but in other cases they can cause the loss of equipment. In this article a list of problems are mentioned with possible solutions. Every Good at aircon servicing Singapore Company offers all type of repairing and maintenance services with a reasonable cost. Before starting any type of revision, it is essential to take the following precautionary measures:

  • Cutting the electricity supply from its respective circuit breaker (automatic) or removing the flying plug if it is within your reach may suffer an electric shock. Never wet the indoor or outdoor unit for cleaning.
  • Always clean the units with a soft, dry cloth, lightly moistened, with water and neutral detergent.
  • When the air conditioner does not cool, before thinking about the probable failures of the equipment, the first thing to do is verify that the doors and windows are closed, that the device is on, in a specific function and check that the filters are in optimal hygiene conditions. If after reviewing these points the device presents a problem, it should analyze what is the cause to give a solution to the client.

Different problems and Solution

Noise of water flow during operation

Solution: When the air conditioner, the compressor or the evaporator are on, there is sometimes buzzing or gurgling. The sound is due to the refrigerant fluid; it does not mean any failure.

The compressor does not split.

When the compressor does not start, it must be verified that the signals correspond, of force and controlthat the circuit is not interrupted. Solution: Verify that the lines are not in short circuit, change capacitor, find the leak and weld the hole that caused the gas outlet, perform vacuum and refrigerant charge that is ecological.

The unit does not turn on

Solution: Check current, connection of the plug, operation of the protection circuit, that the voltage is suitable for starting the equipment.The installer must verify the general operation of the air conditioning, pressure measurements in cold and heat, leak test in nuts, control operation, in addition a professional from a Reliable aircon repair Singapore company explain to the customer the operation of the remote control.

The compressor does not start

It does not emit any sound. The power supply does not reach the compressor or it is not enough.

Solutions: As a good at aircon servicing Singapore professional your first responsibility is to check if the appliance is plugged in and if the voltage at the outlet is the correct 220 V ± 10%.If the line to which the device is connected is overloaded, remove other electrical loads from the circuit (this must be independent) and verify.