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Scholar's Apartment

It won’t take a lot of studying to see that the Scholar’s Apartment is the perfect home away from home for a single student or a professor who would rather spend money on textbooks than a luxurious room since this is our smallest and the most economically priced room in the B&B. Complete with double bed, closet space, as well as a small workspace (with phone), and a 27" plasma television. The Apartment can accommodate up to 2 guests, and features what any young Montreal scholar won’t do without—a balcony perfect for contemplating!.

The Scholar’s Apartment has the following features:
  • One double bed,
  • Table and two chairs,
  • Private bathroom (with hair dryer and other amenities),
  • Communal kitchen with fridge, stove/oven and microwave (cooking is allowed, certain restrictions apply),
  • Central air conditioning and in-room thermostat controlled electrical heating.