Our Location is so “Central”!

by Administrator 27. August 2012 10:51

Sometimes we feel like we are sitting at the perfect center of Montreal city life.

As part of my doctors orders to keep walking to improI used to walk miles and miles everyday and never got bored.

As soon as you get out of our front door and turn right (west), you see McGill University Physics department. Keep walking and you go through the McGill Campus and reach Sherbrooke street. Another 10 mins of walking and you find yourself at the door of Montreal fine arts museum and all the fancy art houses near. Keep walking west, then you hit Concordia Campus and the all the interesting restaurants around the area.

Instead of turning right, if you turn left, (eastwards), and keep walking along Prince Arthur Street, first you arrive at an underground shopping mall which has a big grocery store, a fitness club with the best jacuzzi in the world, and Cinema du Parc which is a repertoire cinema. If you keep walking eastwards (instead of going down into the mall) the you eventually come to St-Laurent street which is “Party Central” for younger people after 11pm. Keep walking thru pedestrian street and you will eventually come to a big park with a pool and big trees which is a good resting place.

If you want to skip city life completely, then all you have to do is walk towards the mountain as soon as you leave the door and you will find yourself in a huge park (comparable to Central park in New York) which is a perfect place for a tranquil walk all the way to the top of the mountain for a perfect look out. The east side of the park becomes a mecca for tam tam players on weekends which makes an interesting watch and join to dance if you dare…

The last direction, which is straight down from our front door (south), is the most expensive option as it takes you directly to downtown shopping stores for clothes, electronics. If you can stop before the shopping area however, there is McGill Music building which has many halls which offers free concerts by students or staff.

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