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There are several good and reasonably priced restaurants within 5 mins walking distance to our bed and breakfast.

Alternatively if you are too tired to go out after a long flight or driving for hours you can also make a telephone order for any food of your choice , most popular being a pizza.

You can locate the following restaurants on the local map which is given on Yellow Information Sheet you will find in your room:

Lola Rosa Café

Down the road a very shoort walkfrom UBB, a trendy spot for hipsters and students, this restaurant attracts not only vegetarians but those on the quest for the perfect burrito; serving wonderful, healthy, and affordable foods like salads, soups, and veggie burgers—and both the healthiest and most delicious nachos you can find anywhere! Lola Rosa Café completes the casual dining experience with charming French staff and a welcoming atmosphere. A nice touch is the drawers found at each table, where diners leave notes for future visitors!

Instead of turning left to Lola Rosa, if you turn right then you will find yourself in a local greasy spoon:

McGill Pizza which has everthing to do with pizza, hamburgers and fries


In a city with so many pizza joints, it would be a shame to miss out on the local favorite that’s just a short walk away! Countless residents of the area claim Amelios to be the best pizza in the city—for eating in or for delivery. A McGill staple for over 25 years, Amelios pizza is made the old fashioned way, and selection ranges from traditional to innovative types like the “Reuben”, and the “Club”, as well as fresh subs and pastas. Caution: you may be in for a lineup (but it’s worth it)!

Hielo Grill & Bar

Ideal if you are looking for a nice terrace to relax on in the summertime, Coasters Bar & Grill is also noted for its amazing burgers, fun cocktails, and good drink specials.

Chez Cora

A popular breakfast/lunch chain, Chez Cora’s is very family-friendly, and serves generous portions packed with plenty of fruit. They offer an especially pleasing variety of smoothies, as well as crepes with all the fixings.

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